About Me

I've only been playing seriously with Hills / Hackett ancestors for about 10 years now — just a baby by genealogical standards.  Mine has been largely an old-school playground — a lot of paper in three-ring binders.  Even with much of this now on computer, I like spreading multiple generations or multiple families on the floor around me just to see what that information tells me that it didn't before.

Raised in upstate New York, I now live in Central Illinois, where TRAEAs Grandpa and I raised our kids. The middle of the country is great when you think of it as equidistant from each coast.  It's a major annoyance, however, when your ancestors were entrenched in New England and Eastern Canada.  So thank you to all who have made computer research possible for genealogists - from the computer designers and programmers, to the employees who see that it all runs (most of the time), to government employees and individuals who saved what today is priceless information for research!

Blogger's template asks for random bio information, so not that it's particularly relevant, here 'tis.  I'm a Sagittarius, prefer intelligent chick flics (and others as long as they don't include explosions and gunplay).  TRAEA's Grandpa and I haunt library used-book sales, and I could listen to classical music and news radio all day.

Enough about me.  How can some of my play with Hills / Hackett ancestors can help you?  Contact me at traeasgrandma@gmail.com