Most lists of ancestors are moving targets.  This work in progress could have additions - or subtractions - next month - or even with the next email.  The Canadian families have been singled out because they are such a large proportion of their respective sides of the Hills / Hackett tree.  The Hackett Canadians, however, are mostly from the British Isles, while the Hills Canadians have predominantly French roots.

Hackett families to date include:
Babbitt, Bassett, Betterly / Bitterly, Brown, Bryant, Bullock, Closson, Commines / Cummings, Crane, Darby / Derby, Foster, French, Goff, Hackett, Hathaway, Hix, Holbrooke, Jones, Lawton, Leonard, Paull, Pettis, Phillips, Simmons, Whitmarsh, Wilber / Wilbore / Wilbur

Hackett Canadian families to date include:
Baker / Barker, Dobson, McGown, Null / Nullin, Patton, Reid, Somers / Sommers, Sunley, Thompson, Watson

Hills families to date include:
Allen, Andrews, Ashton, Babson, Baker, Beamsley / Beasley, Bitfield, Bond, Bowen, Brocklebank, Chadbourne,  Chapman, Chase, Cheney, Chute, Coldam / Coldom, Cummings, Curney, Cutting, Dawson, Dillingham, Donnall / Donnell, Dutch, Elwell, Emery / Emory, Epps, Goodrich / Goodridge, Grantham, Hale, Hardy, Harraden, Harris, Hill, Hills, Hopkinson, Howe, Hunt, Jackman, Jewett, Jameson / Jimson / Johnson, Kent, Kimball, Lowe, Lurvey, Martin / Martyn, Merrill, Mighill, Moores, North, Northend, Norwood, Noyes, Parker, Pearson, Penny, Perley, Pratt, Pulcifer, Riggs, Sanders, Sawyer, Somes, Shatswell, Smith, Stanley, Stevens, Stickney, Stillman, Tenney, Trumble, Varney, Vinson, Wood, Woodward, Wheeler, Witham

Hills Canadian families to date include:
Amirault, Belliveau, Blanchard, Bourg, Breau, Broussard, Comeau, Doucet / Doucette, Dugas, Gauterot, Gauthier, Girouard, Gaudet / Godet / Goditt, Hebert, Lamber / Lambert, Landry, LeBlanc, Melancon / Melanson, Pellerin, Pelletret, Petitot, Richard, Salle, Surette, Terriot / Theriott