Let's call plagiarism what it is - theft.  So easy to do and so very tempting.

I would love for our readers to use information or pictures from this blog.  I only hope that such use would be credited to "Notes from the Hills/Hackett Tree."  Or mention "TRAEA's Grandma."  Or something else indicating that our pithy words and mellifluous prose were added to yours, rather than originating with you.

I don't worry about perfect attribution approved by The Chicago Manual of Style or MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.  Just a simple acknowledgement.

And for those who are determined to steal anyway - well, if this Grandma finds out (as my high school students learned I can), I promise to tell the world.  Only a plagiarist can decide whether such publicity would outweigh the chagrin.

Thanks for avoiding any temptation to steal.