Monday, October 24, 2011

Historypin Your Photos

Heard a short feature yesterday on NPR that sounds like the perfect project for genealogists - as if we need another side project.  Historypin is a website where individuals can upload photos taken decades ago and "pin" them, that is electronically superimpose them, on the same location today.  The result is like looking simultaneously at a single location - both then and now.  Check it out.

As I understand it, pinners can post a single photo or a series, add to the number of existing photos at one location or create an entirely new series.  It's particularly handy if the target location is on a streetview of Google Maps, but it isn't absolutely necessary.

When the story aired, there were about 55,000 photos pinned to the Historypin world map.  Within a day that grew to more than 60,000.  Genealogists could multiply that number exponentially.  Have fun with Historypin - a brand new way to share family pictures.

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  1. Cool - thanks for sharing!
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)